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Terms & Conditions

Please review Vanity Luxe Policy:

The procedure will not start until you have agreed on the shape that is flattering to your facial features. Please make sure you are completely satisfied with the technique you choose (eyebrows, lips, eyeliner) before the procedure begins and before leaving the studio. We always make sure our clients are happy with their service before leaving the studio. A second session is recommended 4-8 weeks from the first initial procedure to ensure desired result. Second session pricing will be determined on the timeframe you return. Please review our website for more details. It is your responsibility to book this with enough notice within the timeframe. On very rare occasion, a client may need a third or fourth session, and the client will be charged accordingly. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!

Everyone is different and can respond to topical numbing differently. How much you bleed will affect the outcome result and therefore required additional appointments to achieve the desired results and you will have to pay for services accordingly.

Photos taken during and after your enhancement may be posted on and by us only. (For marketing purposes, our pictures may appear on our social media websites and on our webpage).

If you are running more than 15 minutes late, you will have to reschedule your appointment because it is unfair to other clients. There will be a fee to reschedule your appointment according to the timeframe from your last procedure.


The touch up session that you return for is not to change the shape or color of the initial appointment. If you would like to change shape of your enhancement during your touch up appointment you will have to pay for the services accordingly.

We cannot guarantee 100% successful result to our clients because everyone’s skin takes in permanent makeup differently. There are also no refunds as we have carried out the services.

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